Proxy Index

Before developing a proxy site you must have domain title, web hosting space & new proxy templates. After sorting each one of these problem, you'll have to edit and install your proxy scripts. You will find two most generally used proxy scripts PHProxy and Zelune. The editing process for the scripts is same, regardless of it's PHProxy, PHPhantom, Zelune or the other proxy script. You'll have to download the same file, whichever template you will use relaxation towards the editing technique is same for those script.First you'll have to open the config file most of the editing program. After you have opened up that file you will notice lots of text which might appear a little confusing to you, don't bother. You'll have to only edit the Title tag, Meta description tag, Meta key phrases tag, Site description tag, Layout title tag, your website URL tag and also the Adsense id number at the end.

That's it. Wish to consider discuss editing each part through numbering each part.This really is the Title tag of website, which seems within the tab throughout surfing the web site. You are able to change Title based on key phrases, which is utilized in search engines like google.Next is Meta tag, by which we store most, looked daily key phrases highly relevant to proxy sites to create better searching through search engines like google and ftp storage is something that you might want to get use to. Proxy is among the top key phrases with 5500 searches each day. Ensure that it stays at no more than 25 key phrases. It will likely be your page description, seen around the proxy page. All of the key phrases written within the Meta tag are replicated out of this page tag.When you attend installing proxy templates, then you're requested to include the web site URL within the config file.

It's very necessary to add, because it keeps the proper functioning of website. Last step is to locate Google account ID, if you come with an Adsense Google ID, you'll be able to think it is within the account tab. You'll have to write lower it at the end of page, where needed. It'll look something similar to "jk-pua-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx". In the finish make certain you've joined each one of these particulars.Next we have to open the index.corporation.php file, make certain to not understand this mixed track of the index.php file.

The index.corporation.php file really is easy to edit, the majority of the editing can easily be copy and copied and pasted in the config.php file we've just edited. All that you should do is make certain you put in most these particulars within either the index.corporation.php file or even the config.php file.